News On Important Criteria For Womens Lingerie

Feb 04, 2017  

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The drug, AD-114, was developed by researchers at Melbourne's La Trobe University and biotechnology company AdAlta. Initial testing successfully targeted fibrosis-causing cells by creating a human protein that imitated the shark's antibody, according to Dr Mick Foley, from the La Trobe Institute for Molecular Science. "Fibrosis is the end result of a lot of different insults and injuries," he told the BBC. "This molecule can kill the cells that cause fibrosis." Debilitating symptoms IPF symptoms include shortness of breath, especially during exercise, which gradually gets worse, and a persistent dry cough. There is currently no cure so treatment focuses on trying to relieve symptoms and slow its progression. Image copyright British Lung Foundation The US Food and Drug Administration this month designated AD-114 an " orphan drug " - a move which gives tax breaks to companies attempting to find treatments for diseases. Dr Foley, who is also AdAlta's chief scientific officer, said the company had raised A$10 million (6m; $7.5m) since being listed on the Australian Stock Exchange in August. It intends to use the money to take the drug to human trials in 2018. AD-114 does not involve injecting shark blood, which the human body would reject, Dr Foley said. Other potential uses In laboratory tests, the drug also showed potential to treat other forms of fibrosis.

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